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Friday, September 19, 2008

We Need Each Other Album Review

Almost two years later, Sanctus Real brings us their 4th release, an album entitled We Need Each Other. The album is no doubt filled with a fantastic collection of songs that is arguably richer and more powerful than their last hit The Face of Love. Releasing February 12th, with a definite maturation in song-writing and recording, it is definitely one you will not want to miss!

The epic “Turn on the Lights” provides an appropriately strong opening to the album. With exceptional guitar hooks and strong vocals with lyrics that encourage listeners to “Turn on the lights” and “Illuminate the future,” the song stands as a shout out for people to bring hope to the dark by sharing the love of Christ.

The title track plays next, with an upbeat, catchy, melody and lyrics like “Oh, Oh, We need each other / So what’s the fighting for / Oh, oh, we need each other.” This is one of those songs that is so catchy you’ll be singing it in your head for days after; and with a positive message and reminder to love others, that’s okay!

“Black Coal,” like the later song “Leap of Faith,” shies away from the pop-inspired tone of many of the other songs. It carries a bit more of a raw-edgy-rock-feeling, with definite passion and yet again catchy lyrics. At the same time, “Whatever You’re Doing” and “Half Our Lives” show off the softer side of the band. Though these two are mixed in between the other more rock-based songs, the album still flows superbly, avoiding a sense of discontinuity or distraction....

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