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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another concert is coming

After the success of last summer’s Steven Curtis Chapman concert, Micheal Dwyer is stepping into the concert promotion business once again.

Dwyer is leading the effort to bring in Sanctus Real, a Grammy nominated contemporary Christian band, for a March 1 concert at the Midland Lutheran College Events Center.

Tickets went on sale today for the 7 p.m. show. Advance tickets are $12 with day-of-show tickets going for $15. Tickets may be purchased at

Joining the lineup for the night will be The September Project and Remedy Drive. The September Project is a band of high school students that Dwyer organizes. Remedy Drive is a Lincoln-based band that is beginning to attract national attention.

“Sanctus Real is the headliner,” Dwyer said. “They are an awesome group and it’s really a great opportunity to bring them to Fremont.

“Remedy Drive is really a good friend -- four brothers from Lincoln,” he added. “Their new single, ‘Daylight,’ has been getting some national airplay so they really have made an inroad.”

Sanctus Real has been nominated for the Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album Grammy for “We Need Each Other,” the latest CD from the Toledo, Ohio-based band.

The band is receiving plenty of airplay on K-LOVE, a national Christian music radio network that has a local station (88.1 FM).

Dwyer first met the members of Sanctus Real a little more than a year ago when the group toured with Chapman.

“I was very impressed with what I saw that night,” he said. “They had a great show.

“I’m looking for an act that is consistent -- that what you see on stage is what you see back stage. I can say that with confidence with Sanctus and especially with Remedy Drive.”

Dwyer worked to keep ticket prices low. At $12 to $15, tickets are more than $10 lower than some of Sanctus Real’s other concerts.

“It’s always been very important to myself and the others who worked on the show to keep the ticket price as reasonable as possible,” he said. “Quite frankly, we want a full room. We want it to feel ... like this was just an awesome event.”

Concert promotion is not Dwyer’s full-time job. He owns a photography studio in Arlington and has done concert photography for Chapman and other acts. But putting together concerts is something he would like to continue to do.

“This is not my full-time job and I don’t expect it to be,” he said. “Our goal is to do two shows, maybe three shows, a year, frankly here in Fremont, in the Events Center most of the time. That’s going to be it. I don’t have any interest in traveling and doing a bunch of different shows in different places.

“This is clearly a little fun, a little sideline for me,” he added.

Dwyer did say he has committed to working to bring in another concert for the last night of this year’s John C. Fremont Days festival.

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