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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Stellar Kart and Sanctus Real free at The Fillmore

We all like free things, don't we? Yes, free is definitely good, and on March 20th, a Friday night, two great bands will be performing at The Fillmore at The Jackie Gleason Theater in South Beach. Stellar Kart and Sanctus Real are supporting an event called "Cross The Bridge" by gracing Miami with their music. These bands might not sound too familiar to some of you readers, but they are worth checking out if you have an open Friday night on the 20th. Stellar Kart's sound can only be described as punk, and fans of artists like Relient K might enjoy their style. Sanctus Real, however, is a more collected alternative sound. So if you're not a solid fan of punk music, there's still some healthy variety here. Did I mention the entire event is free?

If the prior reasons aren't convincing enough, the event's venue itself is beautiful and serves well for taking that special someone in your life on a unique and relatively romantic date, or simply to have a cool new place to hang out with friends for a weekend. The actual "Cross The Bridge" event will be held the entire weekend, but Stellar Kart and Sanctus Real are probably the more enjoyable bands from their entire showcase.

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