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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Christian music news: Sanctus Real: 'Fight The Tide'

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If the members of Sanctus Real were boxers, Fight The Tide would be the match that turns them into heavyweight contenders. As the title of the Toledo, Ohio, foursome's album indicates, this is a band that's ready to go the distance.

Fight The Tide comes from a line in a song from the band's second album for Sparrow Records, but it contains broader implications about life's ceaseless struggles?against negative, soul-deadening messages from disposable pop culture, perhaps, or against spiritual complacency. "Fight The Tide is about maintaining spiritual and musical integrity," says lead vocalist Matt Hammitt.

"There are a lot of people imposing their ideas on musicians about what they think is the best way to communicate or to make music. Many years from now we want to look back, having survived the trends, and know we made honest music with a clear message."

Sanctus Real came out swinging with 2002's Say It Loud, which produced the best first-week sales of any debut rock record Sparrow had ever released. CCM readers voted the band 2003's Best New Artist, made Sanctus Real "a top pick" for '03, and the Gospel Music Association handed the band two Dove Award nominations.


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