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Monday, June 29, 2009

Christian music news: Sanctus Real's We Need Each Other Releases Today!

Latest christian music:
One of the top Christian rock bands, Sanctus Real releases today its widely acclaimed and highly anticipated fourth studio album, We Need Each Other.� As the album�s title track continues its fifth straight week at No. 1 at CHR radio, the critics are affirming what radio has already discovered and are championing the new album as one to own:

��We Need Each Other is more than just the band�s best release; it is one of the most melodic Christian pop albums to come along in quite some time�The stunning production and the band�s flawless performance permeate this release from start to finish.� � CCM Magazine (February �08 lead review).

�From the rocking riffs in the opener Turn on the Lights, to the worshipful lyrics in Sing, Sanctus Real shows the range and reflection of a band that is maturing as songwriters.� � McClatchy-Tribune Information Services

�Sanctus Real has the incredible capability of improving their skills, refining their sound, and breaking new ground with each record and We Need Each Other is no exception. This is one disc any music fan won't want to miss!� ��We Need Each Other is easily Sanctus Real's best, thanks to high-energy rock anthems that'll also get listeners thinking�From the beginning blues riffs of �Turn on the Lights� to the guitar-fueled power anthem �Sing,� We Need Each Other is�jam-packed with enough hooks to seep deep into your cerebrum for weeks.� ���chock full of hooks, riffs, and again, spotless production�We Need Each Other shows a band continuing to grow into a potent legacy of its own.


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